Everyone knows that prevention is better than a cure!

We firmly believe in an Active Maintenance Program for our patients that means that we can regularly assess for any issues and deal with them before they become big (and more costly…).  This means that we encourage our patients to attend for checkups based on their particular needs.  At these checkups, we will generally assess your oral health and how you have been looking after yourself.  We aim to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to allow you to best look after yourself when you are not with us!  If we spot an issue, we will let you know, advise you of your options and come up with a solution moving forward.

Part of preventing a problem is knowing it is occurring!  In order to properly diagnose any issues, it is imperative that we undertake the correct diagnostic procedures.  This may be anything from visual inspection, probing your teeth and gums to photographs, x-rays and CT scans to best detect or rule out problems.  For this reason we have a policy of when we think it is best to undertake these investigations

Preventative Dentistry

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