For children (and parents!), visiting the dentist can be a stressful time and a bad experience can lead to problems in the future. Our practice was designed to be as relaxing an environment as possible, and our dentists and staff are experienced, friendly and empathetic, providing a great environment for children and parents alike!

We are happy to try to cater to families by scheduling group family appointments at suitable times for convenience.

We are also trained in Invisalign and can offer assessments for children on their growth and whether braces will be needed or not. If so, we can offer basic orthodontic services, but we will also always provide the option for a referral to an orthodontist for a specialist opinion to ensure the treatment is the correct choice for our patients!

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Pediatric dentistry

When should I bring in my child for their first dental appointment?

Primary teeth, also known as ‘baby’ or ‘milk’ teeth, start erupting in the first few months of a child’s life with some children being born with teeth. By 2 years of age, it is likely that your child will have all of their primary teeth and it is important that they are cared for and checked frequently as these teeth are important in maintaining space and for function.

We recommend that your child has their first check-up from 2 years of age, from here we can get the child comfortable with attending the dentist and make it an enjoyable rather than fearful experience.

We also recommend assessing children’s growth and development at around 8 years old with an x-ray to assess the formation and number of teeth and also whether they need early orthodontic treatment.

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